Visit it us for the Spring Adventure and get all green fingered as you help our Stockeld Rangers build a rustic hideaway and complete adventure trails in our Enchanted Forest!

Our team of expert rangers will be on hand from the 27th May – 4th June to help you to climb and scavenge amongst our Enchanted Forest floor and build your very own Stockeld Den.

Using logs, branches, twine and twigs you’ll be shown how to make an awesome tepee den using these following steps, why not practice at home first?…

Whilst we were scouring the internet for inspiration we also found some other truly amazing outdoor creations, here’s three of our favourite ideas that we hope to try out in the future;


Willow Den

Did you know that you can replant willow branches and they’ll keep growing? Willow branches are also brilliantly bendy so you can make amazing arched structures that leaf in the summer to create shady retreats for little adventurers!

Click through to for a step by step guide of how to create your own Willow Den.

Mud Kitchen

Why not upgrade your den to include a mud kitchen? All it takes is some buckets, old pans, utensils, water and mud. Go pro and use pallets or breeze blocks to build a structure for a real life outdoor kitchen sink!


Bug Hotels

Why not create a tiny den for your garden’s creepy crawlies? Using old bricks, plant pots, bottles and buckets you can stack almost anything to make a tiny motel for mini beasts.

Click here to read about how you can create your own bug hotel at the RSPB’s website.


Join us from the 27th May – 4th June for Den Making during Stockeld Park’s Spring Adventure, click here to view our entry prices or to buy a Day Pass online now.








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