Halloween 2017 is set to be the scariest ever produced at Stockeld Park!

Our team are hard at work to give our Fright Night offering a totally new look with two new ‘never seen before’ scare attractions.

The most terrifying of which is ‘The Farm House’ a genuine derelict house where an entire family vanished without trace, right here on the Stockeld Estate….

Our events team stumbled upon this truly startling building when scoping out the Estate for new scare locations. The Victorian house was discovered standing alone, eerily framed by a overgrown garden, it’s windows concealed with cobwebs and it’s door standing a jar.

Pushing aside the old wooden door and armed only with flash lights our team uncovered a huge maze-like interior complete with original peeling wall paper, creaking floor boards, peculiar blocked doorways and decaying furniture. The house looked as if it had been abandoned in a rush and hadn’t been entered since.

Stockeld’s Events Manager, Darren, was keen to do some investigating of his own has since discovered that the house indeed has a dark and mysterious past. He’s spent the last few weeks searching through records detailing first -hand accounts of the last tenants to occupy the house.

“The house is a truly amazing find, not only is it the perfect location for our new and improved Fright Night event we’ve also managed to uncover a terrifying, real-life back story which makes the house even more exciting.”

Darren, who is keen not to give too much away, has disclosed that “We have discovered records that confirm that an entire family vanished without trace from the house in the early part of 1852. We couldn’t have imagined a more terrifying truth to the history of the building. The house literally has to be seen to be believed.”

Due to the sensitive nature of this year’s newest location 2017’s event comes with Parental Guidance; we STRONGLY recommend that this event is not for children under the age of 12.


Alongside ‘The Farm House’ our freaky Fright Night attractions will also include;

STOCKELD DUNGEON – A terrifying woodland cabin hiding victims of a bloody massacre.

A DEAD END – A terrorizing game of cat and mouse in our pitch black Maze.

Tickets will be available from our Fright Nights website  from Sunday 11th June – and are expected to sell fast!

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