All of the team here at Stockeld Park love the great outdoors & will find any eggcuse to go on an adventure!

And this Easter is no eggception, inspired by some of the world’s most amazing trail blazers, we’ve hidden the names and pursuits of 5 famous Eggplorers in the park.

Journey through our Enchanted Forest & Adventure Playgrounds this Easter to discover fun facts about some of the world’s most eggciting adventurers!

Grab your Easter leaflet from our ticket office on the day and, much like the great explorers in history, record your discoveries on the map.

Once complete, post your maps into the big red post box in our Shop for a chance to win a Stockeld Park goodie bag!

Our Easter Adventure runs from 28th March – 16th April, 10am – 6pm, click here to book tickets online.

Why not get the kids in the spirit by doing this pop quiz below? See how many questions you can get right!

1. Who was the first man on the moon?

A. Buzz Lightyear
B. Neil Armstrong
C. Buzz Aldrin

2. By which mode of transport did Captain James Cook discover Australia?

A. Boat
B. Plane
C. Air Balloon

3. What is the deepest depth a human has travelled into the ocean?

A. 10,000 feet
B. 26,805 feet
C. 35,756 feet

4. What nick-name did famous aviator Amelia Earhart give to her plane?

A. The Blue Bird
B. The Canary
C. The Eagle

5. Early explorers once thought that the world was?

A. Flat
B. Cube Shaped
C. Made of Cheese



Q1 = B. Neil Armstrong, Q2 = A. Boat, Q3 = C. 35,756 feet, Q4 = B. The Canary, Q5 = A. Flat


Click here to book tickets online for our Easter Adventure


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