Disabled Access at Stockeld Park

Stockeld Park is highly sensory and we pride ourselves on being as inclusive as possible within all areas of the park.


All of our paths are wheelchair accessible but we do use natural gravel in order to keep the forest as natural as possible. In places, some may find this difficult. We would welcome wheelchair users to ask for assistance and we are more than happy for a member of the team to assist.


We welcome carers to visit for free when accompanying someone who requires assistance. We allow one free carer for every disabled person upon provision of a carer’s pass or written confirmation from your local council stating that you are a carer for that person.


We work closely with Autism Angels and other schools and charities on welcoming schools and visitors requiring additional assistance which we are very happy to provide.


We will be providing an Autism friendly weekend with early opening in the Grotto, with reduced sound, light and queueing. See the Autism Angels website for more information.