Giant Egg Hunt at The Easter Adventure
30th March – 28th April

Find our giant hand painted character eggs including a Humpty and Goldilocks! The Easter eggs are hidden around the Enchanted Forest.All you have to do is follow the clues, search the forest, work out the riddles and write it all down on your forest map….

Throughout the whole of the Easter Adventure you can take part in the giant unique egg hunt around the Enchanted Forest with prizes up for grabs.

Win one of 5 Family Day Passes! Why not take part in our ‘Character Eggs Selfie Competition’ this Easter…

If you’ve had a great time at Stockeld Park,
How would you like to make your mark?
Take a ‘selfie’ with one of our decorated eggs,
Then go to our website for the next leg.
Upload your photo onto our page,
Tell us all about you at this stage!
Five lucky entrants will be in for a treat,
They’ll receive a Free Family Day Pass –Isn’t that sweet!?

Winners will be contacted direct.