Stockeld Park Ice Rink Terms & Conditions

Skating restrictions and adult supervision

We recommend ages 4 and over to skate as we advise parents to use their discretion on whether very young children will enjoy the experience.

All children aged under 8 must be accompanied onto the ice by a responsible adult (someone 18 years old and above) in skates, up to a maximum of 5 children per adult.

All children aged 8 to 17 must be accompanied in the skating area by a responsible adult (the adult can supervise from the side of the rink).

Skating is NOT suitable for pregnant women, anyone with a heart condition or anyone still recovering from an injury.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry / eject guests from the rink without refund.

Refunds are only given at management discretion.

Assumption of Risk

Skaters and spectators are deemed to have knowledge of and assume the inherent risks which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Injuries resulting from collision or contact with other skaters
  • Injuries resulting from falls
  • Injuries that involve objects or artificial structures that are properly within the intended path of travel of the skater
  • Injuries resulting from wet flooring

Ice rink size and capacity

Our rink is 30m x 21m, allowing a capacity of 210 skaters at one time. (1 skater per 3 square meters).

However, for your comfort and enjoyment we will operate this ice rink at a capacity of 190 skaters.

Wheelchair users

We welcome wheelchair users to take to the ice and join in the fun in their own wheelchair. They must be accompanied by a responsible person in skates at all times when on the ice. This also includes motorised wheelchair users.

In the interests of Health & Safety for all users, certain times will not be available for the use of wheelchairs.

First Aid

There is a first aid point on the decking area near the penguin hire counter.

In the unlikely event you or a member of your party should need first aid treatment, please alert a member of staff as soon as possible and a first aider will be available to assist as required.

Skate Hire

We offer skates to hire from child size 7 up to adult size 14.

You can bring your own skates, figure skates and hockey skates are allowed. You will still require an activity token or wristband. The management reserve the right not to allow skates deemed to be unsafe.

For very little feet (child size 6 – 9) we have a limited number of double bladed ‘Bob’ skates that fit over your child’s own shoes (please be aware that their shoes may get wet).

Skate Aids

We have a limited number of penguin and snowman skate aids, which are free to use and are available on a first-come first served basis from the penguin hire counter.

Penguin users must be smaller than 1.2m with skates on. Guests will be measured before a penguin is given out.

These are to be used correctly with the user stood behind the penguin and not on the feet at the front.

Snowman skate aids are strictly reserved for disabled users only and will only be given out by the Ice rink manager.

Unfortunately skate aids cannot be booked in advance.

Personal Belongings

Bags of any description are NOT permitted on the Ice.

All bags (handbags, rucksacks, purses etc) must be placed in the lockers provided.

Lockers cost £1.00 and are refundable.

Any items left behind skate hire or in the lockers are left at the owner’s risk.

Stockeld Park accepts no responsibility for personal belongings.

What To Wear

To make your visit as enjoyable as possible we recommend warm, comfortable, outdoor clothing suitable to the weather conditions on the day:

For example; trousers or tracksuit bottoms, thin layers of clothing under a thick jumper or sweatshirt. A waterproof jacket, Gloves, and hats are also recommended

Please note: ‘hoods’ are not permitted to be worn ‘up’ on the ice as they affect your peripheral round vision.

On sunny days we recommend the use of sun block and sunglasses. This is due to the glare and reflective nature of the ice surface.

Bad Weather & Wet Ice

Outdoor ice rinks are subject to the elements and climatic conditions can affect the surface of the ice.

Due to rain, unseasonably warm weather, high winds or a combination of these weather conditions, the surface of the ice rink can develop a layer of water.

As soon as there is water on the surface, the wind agitates the water and generally it takes longer to refreeze until the ambient temperature has lowered and the wind drops off.

Removing the water from the surface is counter-productive as it removes the layer of cold water insulating the ice below it exposing the ice to further melting and thus affects the ice depth.

It’s quite normal for there to be a degree of surface water on any outdoor ice rink. For this reason, guests should be aware that they may get wet even if it isn’t raining.

It is not unsafe to skate on a wet rink, just more uncomfortable if you fall and get wet. It can be more slippery to hands when getting up, which is why we advise wearing gloves – not only to help with the cold, but also to aid traction on the ice.

All rinks with surface water and the correct thickness of ice are safe to skate on and our priority is to keep the ice safe for all skaters.

Climatic conditions are beyond the control of the operator and the management may deem the weather conditions unfit for skating and the rink will close. This is an unavoidable occurrence with outdoor ice rinks and all outdoor ice rinks in the country will experience the same challenges.

If for any reason the rink is closed we will keep closure updated through the ticket office.

(Main cause of closure will be severe windy / wet / warm conditions).

We regret that no refunds can be given due to bad weather.

Your safety is our first priority.

Safety Rules

We advise you not to…

  • Do not smoke, drink or eat on the ice
  • Do not skate at excessive speed
  • Do not chip or throw any ice
  • Do not carry young babies or children on the ice
  • Do not sit on or climb over the safety barrier
  • Do not drop any litter on the ice
  • Do not skate in chains of more than two
  • Do not wear scarves or long coats
  • Do not carry handbags/any bags on the ice
  • Do not cut across the middle of the rink
  • Do not play tag
  • Do not consume alcohol before attempting to skate
  • Do not wear hoods on the ice
  • Do not congregate at the barrier entrance

We advise you to…

  • Do obey instructions given by the Ice Marshals
  • Do be aware of your limits and do not exceed them.
  • Do skate in an anticlockwise direction only.
  • Report any accidents to an Ice Marshal.
  • Do make sure skates are correctly and the boot is offering good support to your ankle.
  • Do wear warm clothing.
  • Do wear helmets & Pads.
  • If you cannot get up off the ice alert an Ice Marshal.