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Where to Find the Perfect Christmas Tree in Yorkshire

Before we became a family adventure park, we were once a humble Christmas tree shop. In 2006, Peter and Susie Grant started selling our beautiful estate-grown trees to the local community and now grow over half a million Christmas trees

Our natural surroundings range from 2000 acres of agricultural land and rolling parkland to an outstanding Christmas Tree Marquee. Over time, we have refined our trees to bring light and festive magic to homes during the holidays. 

Where to Buy a Real Christmas Tree in Yorkshire

You can buy our Christmas trees from:

  • Stockeld Park – Harrogate Road, North Yorkshire, LS22 4AN (Free access to our Christmas Marquee)
  • Harrogate Horticultural Nursery – Nursery Lane, Harrogate, HG2 0FH
  • The Arium – Thorner Lane, Leeds, LS14 3FB

Stockeld Park’s Christmas tree shop is open daily from 9am to 8pm, so why not visit as you participate in our incredible Christmas Adventure? If you’re in search of just a tree, you can park in our separate parking lot, which is located near the Christmas tree marquee.  

We can offer home delivery from Stockeld Park if your car doesn’t have the room. See below if you live in our delivery zone.  

Christmas tree delivery locations

If you’re too busy shopping for Christmas or caring for your little elves, order our trees online for delivery. At checkout, you can choose a preferred delivery date, and we’ll deliver within three working days of this date. Our team will work hard to meet your selected day where possible. 

Is Nordmann Fir a Good Christmas Tree?

We exclusively grow Nordmann Fir trees, renowned for their beauty, durability and outstanding needle retention. Compared to other artificial trees, the Nordmann Fir resists needle shedding as it gradually dries out, meaning you won’t need to get the hoover out every time you pass it! 

Our Christmas trees are grown with solid branches, ideal for festive decorations and are available in various sizes to fit your space. 

Christmas tree farm at Stockeld Park

Christmas Tree Sustainability at Stockeld

Every year, we plant 60,000 new trees to limit the environmental impact of harvesting. By replanting, our trees take in carbon dioxide and purify it into oxygen, helping clean the air and sustain our lives. Plus, with less carbon dioxide, our Christmas Tree Marquee reduces greenhouse gases and limits the impacts of climate change. 

Our history is rooted in nature, so we give back whatever we take from it. Our trees have a nine-year harvest cycle, meaning woodland animals have a stable habitat till another tree grows. So when you buy from Stockeld, rest assured that any tree you select has been replaced with another! 

Tips on Picking the Right Christmas Tree

  • Space: Measure the height and width of where you plan to place your tree. Make sure there’s enough space for decorations to go on it.
  • Budget: The price of a Christmas tree goes up as its height and size grow. Consider how much you would like to spend before falling in love with one.
  • Freshness: Inspect the tree’s health. Does it have vibrant green needles? Strong branches? A pleasant scent? Thankfully, all our trees are healthy! 
  • Shape: Nordmann Fir trees have a fantastic shape and density, so when selecting one, consider if you desire a full or narrow size.
  • Decorations: Consider how you’ll decorate your tree, such as ornaments, lights and garlands. A full tree is a perfect option for holding many decorations, making it a great hiding space for your Elf on the Shelf!

Christmas Tree Marquee

Enjoy the Christmas Spirit at Stockeld Park 

Get your dream Christmas tree and explore Stockeld Park’s magical activities. You can choose from ‘Forest, Maze and Illumination’, ‘Illumination & Skate’ or ‘Ice Skate’ only tickets. Or, you can book our Gold ticket package and visit all areas (excluding ice skating)!  

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