Gift Shop - Stockeld Park

Stockeld Park's Gift Shop

During our Easter, Spring and Summer season the fairytale theme at Stockeld Park continues right into our Gift Shop. Would-be pirates and dragon slayers will find all they need,  as will fair maidens seeking fairy gifts and mermaid trinkets. We have puppets and cuddly toys, games and craft, swords and shields.


We also have a huge array of pocket money toys and souvenirs, as well as outdoor games including balls, frisbees, rocket launchers and bubble guns. Our sweetie section looks too good to eat with old fashioned sweets of every kind, as well as chocolate and fudge treats and lollies of all sorts.

We also have gifts and momentos for the more mature of our customers – home decorations and sweet smelling treats as well as some of the essentials you may need for the family – sun cream, hats or wipes.

During our Halloween and Christmas winter season, our shop quadruples in size, into the largest bespoke Christmas shop in Yorkshire. We have fabulous decorations, lights, stocking fillers and everything you can think of to make the festive season complete.