Accessibility & Inclusion

We pride ourselves on being inclusive…

We want all our guests to feel welcome and included at Stockeld Park. Everyone should have the freedom to play and have fun.

Disabilities take many different forms, both visible and invisible, and we are working hard to make Stockeld Park as inclusive as possible for all our disabled guests.

To us, accessibility and inclusion comprises several elements:

    1. The physical accessibility of the Park including paths, open spaces, play areas and installations.
    2. What is available in each play area for disabled guests to enjoy, but as importantly to make it possible for disabled and able-bodied siblings or friends to be able to play alongside one another at the same time.
    3. How our team are trained to communicate intelligently and empathetically with disabled guests and do what we can to help maximise their enjoyment and inclusion at Stockeld.
    4. How we communicate our policies and what is available to our disabled guests on the Park, both before arrival and when you are here on the ground.

Recently, we have done much to increase accessibility and inclusion at Stockeld, both in terms of what we offer and how that is communicated.

Earlier this year tarmacked the nearly one-mile trail through the Enchanted Forest along with the two miles of trails through our Magical Maze. We recognise that accessibility doesn’t just mean being physically able to get from A to B, but also having something to do when you get there! We have made several changes to a number of our play areas to make them more physically accessible and to increase the number of installations and activities that disabled guests can enjoy.

However, we are still on a journey and this evolution will take time. Not all our play areas are fully accessible at present, nor do we have activities for disabled guests to enjoy in every area.

Below is more detail on accessibility and inclusion at Stockeld for guests with disabilities.

Navigating the Park

Our disabled parking bays are all located close to the main entrance to Stockeld park

All cafés and the shop are accessible by wheelchair

The main walkways round the Park are now tarmacked, including the almost 1 mile-long trail around the Enchanted Forest, and the 2 miles of paths through the Magical Maze.

Wheelchairs are permitted in all areas of the Playhive throughout the year, and on the Ice Rink during the winter months. The Playhive has been built to be accessible for wheelchair users in all the adventure zones and throughout the Playhive Pizzeria.

Entry into Stockeld Park on arrival to grounds

Groups are welcome to contact Stockeld staff on arrival if they need help entering Stockeld Park from the car park.

Please ask at the ticket office should you require any assistance after arrival.

Note that there can be a queue on arrival at the ticket office particularly during busy times like Bank holidays and in the lead up to Christmas.

Priority Access at Activity Points

Currently, there is no priority queue policy at activity access points for disabled guests.

Staff are encouraged to work with each guest and in order to make a considered choice on how to accommodate each guest’s needs.

We encourage you to speak to our staff to find out when are the quieter times for the different activities available on the day.

We work with Autism Angels to provide autistic guests with dedicated access to Santa’s Grotto on specific dates. For 2022 autistic guests will be able to visit the grotto on 26th and 27th November from 09:00-10:00. Please contact Autism Angels directly to arrange your booking:

Cafés and Eating


Freshly prepared food is available at the Playhive Pizzeria. Please refer to our menu to information on allergies or other dietary requirements:

Sandwiches and snacks are also available from our Woodland Café. Please refer to packaging or speak to a member of our café team on the day for information relating to allergies or other dietary requirements.

We strive to keep all gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options in stock.


Picnic tables are available throughout the park

We understand that you may need to bring your own food due to medical needs. Guests are welcome to eat these foods alongside their family in our cafés, but please make yourselves known at arrival as we do not ordinarily permit picnics in our indoor cafés.

Concessions for disabled visitors

We allow one free carer for every paying disabled person upon provision of a Max card, carer’s pass, written confirmation from your local council stating that you are a carer for that person or proof of DLA or PIP.

Disabled Toilets

There are several disabled toilets available to our guests. These are located in the following areas:

In the Atrium adjoining the Shop and Woodland Café
In the Playhive Pizzeria
Adjacent to Gretel’s half way round the Enchanted Forest.

Links and Buttons

Please take a look at some of the changes we’ve been making on our blog.


We want to make sure your visit to Stockeld Park is a success. Please contact us prior to your visit if you have any questions or concerns on

We also want to continue making improvements on accessibility and inclusion for all our guests. If you have feedback following your visit to the park, please contact us using the contact form, to tell us about your experience and any observations you made. Please email us on to provide feedback.

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