Beautiful Real Christmas Trees in North Yorkshire

Bring home the magic of Christmas with our beautiful real fresh Christmas Trees for sale, available for collection and delivery across Yorkshire and the North of England. We have some half-a-million Christmas trees to choose from, grown right here on the Stockeld Park Estate!

 We are one of the oldest and most renowned growers of real Christmas Trees in Yorkshire and the whole of England. Come and visit our plantation and shop, and pick your beautiful Christmas Tree.

Grown and Loved in Yorkshire

As Yorkshire’s largest grower of quality non-needle-drop Christmas Trees, we have some half-a-million trees across our plantations on the Stockeld Park Estate, covering 250 acres.

Throughout the year, every single tree on the plantation is individually cultivated by hand, ensuring the development of the very highest quality trees across all ranges. This is only made possible by the dedication and experience of our team, who have refined our growing techniques over several decades.

At Stockeld Park, we know that choosing and decorating a Christmas tree is a special family tradition, and we are passionate about sharing our dedication with you. Besides, we know that each Christmas tree is a unique, precious living organism, and we only select the best quality trees to make your festive season the most magical ever.

Discover the Magic of Each Christmas Tree

There are several places selling Christmas Trees in Leeds and the whole of Yorkshire. However, what makes Stockeld Park special is our dedication. We have been growing our trees on our estate for over a century, and each of them is cared for and cultivated by hand by our expert team.

Our Christmas Trees are the Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana), also known as “non-needle drop Christmas Trees”. With their beautiful dark green needles, distinctive straight trunk and natural symmetry, these trees are the best and most popular choice for families wanting a real Christmas Tree in the UK. We also have one of the largest selections of traditional Norway Spruce in Yorkshire, which are the ideal Christmas Trees for outdoor use.

Stockeld Park’s beautiful, quality trees range in size from 4-12 ft, with larger display trees also available up to 30 ft!

Come and choose yours here at our Christmas Trees store, easily accessible from Leeds, Harrogate and the whole of Yorkshire. We can also deliver your Christmas Tree directly to your door if you prefer!

Our trees are available from 3 sites: 

Christmas Trees & Decorations

You don’t need a ticket to our Adventure Park to come and purchase a Christmas tree and visit our Christmas tree shop.

Just come along any day of the week, parking is free and we also have a beautiful gift shop with a stunning range of decorations and gifts!

Christmas Trees and the Environment: A Real Christmas Tree is for Life, not just for Christmas

Our Christmas Trees aren’t just a beautiful addition to your home at Christmas, they are also good for the environment.

Every day, the 500,000 Christmas Trees on our plantations are producing enough Oxygen to support 4,000 people, and they are also an important habitat for birds and many beneficial insects.

Our Christmas Trees are also absorbing some 600 tonnes of CO2 ever year. That’s the equivalent of 15,000 car journeys from Stockeld Park to London!

Every year, we are planting 60,000 new Christmas Trees, nearly double the number we are cutting down. This isn’t just because we want to grow the size of our Christmas Tree plantations. The truth is, no matter how hard we try, not every Christmas Tree we grow will take on the beautiful shape and symmetry needed to sell. But a wonky Christmas Tree is still generating oxygen and absorbing CO2 every bit as well as a straight one, and we have many thousands of wonky Christmas Trees on our plantations!

There is a misconception that cutting down a Christmas Tree is bad for the environment and a pot-grown tree for replanting would be better. In fact, a fresh-cut Christmas Tree has a strong, positive environmental impact. The average Christmas Tree has been growing for 10 years before it goes into your home, and it has been absorbing CO2 and generating oxygen throughout its life. Not only that, but Christmas Trees are grown specifically for this purpose, meaning every tree that is cut down is replaced by more: Christmas Trees are a fully regenerative crop.

At Stockeld Park, a Christmas Tree is for life, not just for Christmas.

Stockeld Park Festive Season 2023

The festive season at Stockeld Park will begin on Saturday 18 November, with plenty of Christmas activities for families and children of all ages, in our magical Enchanted Forest. All our Christmas events are available until 6 January, including our Winter Illuminations, the best Christmas lights event in Yorkshire.

Our pre-cut, fresh Christmas trees will be available for sale from 25 November to 24 December 2022, 9am to 8pm.

Real Christmas Trees Available for Delivery

We can’t wait to welcome you back to our hugely popular Christmas Trees store, to share yet another festive season with you and your family.

Can’t make it to Stockeld Park? All our Christmas Trees are also available for delivery! Our Christmas Trees delivery services cover a wide radius across Yorkshire, Lancashire, Tyneside, the Midlands and beyond. Share the magic of Christmas with your beloved ones with one of our Christmas Trees: we will deliver it to you within 72 hours of purchase. Check out which postcodes are eligible for our Christmas Trees delivery services, or get in touch to learn more.

Wholesale Christmas Trees

At Stockeld Park, we have refined our growing techniques and we believe in quality and innovation. That is why we are the trusted grower of real Christmas Trees for dozens of garden centres, plant nurseries and other sellers across England and beyond. If you would like to buy our Christmas Trees wholesale, or come and visit us on our plantations, please check out our selection of wholesale real Christmas Trees and get in touch. We have thousands of beautiful Christmas Trees ready to go from field to pallet.

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