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How To Enjoy Pumpkin Picking in Yorkshire – Our Expert Tips

There are scary noises coming from above and below at Stockeld Park this Halloween…

If there is one thing we know at Stockeld Park, it is how to make the most of a seasonal activity. Having one of the largest pumpkin patches in Yorkshire means our pumpkin picking is no exception!

We have compiled our top tips to help you get the most out of this family friendly activity, from considering preparation and selection to transportation, we have got you covered.


Wear Appropriate Clothing

Let’s be honest, we are talking about an outdoor activity in Yorkshire, during the autumn! Preparation is the key. A typical day includes all four seasons in one so we would recommend wearing layers and appropriate footwear. Dress for the worst, hope for the best.

Make A Day of It

With lots of seasonal activities at Stockeld Park, why not make a day of it? With lots of family activities to suit all ages, Stockeld Park Pumpkin Picking could be the start of a great family day out. Check out our website to learn more about our Enchanted Forest, Magical Maze, Adventure Playgrounds and places to eat and drink.

Take Your Design with You

Get your kids (big and small) to draw out their pumpkin design before you go, not only is this a fun activity but it means you can take your designs with you so you can make sure that your image will fit onto the pumpkin you choose.


Pumpkin Picking Patch

Whether your pumpkin plans include carving, using them for home decoration or eating them, here’s what you need to know to select the perfect one for you.

Check Out the Base

Make sure you look at how a pumpkin rests on the ground. Does it leave enough surface area for your design? If you are looking to create a display, having differing faces showing and angles of stalks creates an attractive and interesting focal point.

Colour Selection

Pumpkins come in all colours – not just orange! Especially important for decorative purposes, make sure you choose a colour that will fit in with your existing scheme.

Check For Thick Walls

Thicker walls mean that carved pumpkins are less likely to fall in and collapse – especially important for more intricate designs or ones that utilise a lot of empty space. Thicker walls also mean more flesh to use in soups, pies, and stews.

Check For Mushy Spots

Mushy, soft spots can be an indication of rot or the start of decay, perfect for a creepy outdoor display, not so perfect for eating.


So, you have chosen your pumpkins – what do you need to consider about getting it home?

Don’t Hold It by The Stalk

Once you have chosen your pumpkin it might seem tempting to hold it by its stalk – please don’t! Pumpkins are heavy and the stalks are designed to connect it to the plant, not to carry its weight. To avoid splitting your pumpkin, please carry it from the bottom. With a free pumpkin for each paying child, you might need a couple of sturdy carrier bags to help you and them.

Think About How You Are Getting It Home

We suggest strong carrier bags in the boot of your car to stop your pumpkins rolling around and getting bruised.

We hope these tips help you get the most out of pumpkin picking at Stockeld Park. Thank you for making us a part of what we are sure will be a new annual family tradition.

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PS. Don’t forget to roast the seeds for a tasty treat!

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