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Meet Scout the Squirrel: Stockeld Park’s Nuttiest Mascot

What squirrelly shenanigans has Scout been up to? Our nutty mascot, Scout the Squirrel, has been busy keeping his cosy nest (aka Stockeld Park!) in great shape for all your little adventurers. 

We decided to sit down with Scout and learn more about his acorn antics and favourite things. It’s time to meet Scout! 

Who Is Scout the Squirrel? 

Scout the Squirrel is our super-sweet mascot who is nuts about adventure! Because squirrels never hibernate, Scout is around all year round and regularly appears in our courtyard. 

He’s a very rare, super-sized red squirrel – in fact, there’s only one of him! When he’s not watching over our adventure park, Scout is making friends with every family that comes by. 

An Interview with Scout the Squirrel

What’s a Typical Day Like at Stockeld Park?

I wake up bright and early and put on my scout uniform. No hairy bellies here! Off I go to meet all the adventurers in the courtyard and maybe have a dance or even play some games.

Scout the Squirrel mascot performing on a stage at Stockeld Park

I’m always helping with super fun outdoor activities and any tail-tastic adventures. I’ve been busy with the Spring Adventure and preparing for our summer fun activities. 

What’s Your Favourite Outdoor Activity?

The huge forest and all its outdoor playgrounds. I climb trees, swing on branches and go down slippery slides if I’m feeling tired. My favourite playground? Gotta be the Tangle Tree Climb! Lots to swing. Lotta fun. 

What Do You Love About Your Job?

As chief scout, I’m always scurrying around the whole park, meeting lots of cool adventurers and keeping a smile on everyone’s faces. 

I love being outdoors. Keep a watchful eye over the boats, go-karts and inflatables

Do You Have Any Special Squirrel Skills?

I’m super fast. I’ve climbed every tree in the Enchanted Forest. Every one. No tree is too big even when I’m on the wobbliest branches. My big fluffy tail helps me leap from tree to tree. 

Wanna know a fact? My front teeth never stop growing. I can gnaw, chomp and chew as many nuts and seeds as possible. 

What’s Your Favourite Food? 

Oh boy, oh boy! My favourite food? There’s so much to choose from. I love seeds, nuts, acorns and even fruits and flowers! But nuts. Crunchy, yummy and nutty. Very nutty. I love nuts. 

What Season Do You Like the Most?

My favourite season is autumn. Yeah, autumn! The air gets crisp, the leaves turn all beautiful for my drey (a squirrel’s nest), and there are lots of tasty nuts. Did I say I love nuts?

Spring is great. I get to see my hoppy friend, the Easter Bunny. You know – big ears and always hiding those magical nuts from me and my friends? As a Scout, I love the Spring Adventure!

Scout the Squirrel mascot performing at Stockeld Park

Do You Have Any Special Friends? 

My best friend is the Easter Bunny, but he doesn’t come around much. It gets me sad sometimes. But little and big people are always exploring my home so I’m always making friends. 

Easter Bunny comes to Stockeld Park

I get on great with the old guy with the big white bushy beard. His little green workers always give me treats when I visit Santa’s Grotto

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