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3 Romantic Date Ideas for Couples at Stockeld Park

As Christmas makes its way to us, love is in the air, and what better way to create romantic memories than at Stockeld Park? Nestled amidst the enchanting woodlands, Stockeld Park transforms into a magical wonderland during the cold months ahead.

Our adventure park is your ultimate date destination with its twinkling lights, cosy delights and exciting activities for couples. In this blog, we explore three mesmerising activities you can’t miss during the Christmas Adventure season.

Yorkshire Winter Illuminations

During the Christmas Adventure, we hold a magical Winter Illuminations event throughout our award-winning Enchanted Forest. After dusk, a beautiful park becomes a magical winter wonderland of sparkling lights. 

Stunning display of Winter Illuminations at Stockeld Park.

Stroll with your partner over a mile of beautiful, ancient woodland and explore different paths that guide you to breathtaking light spectacles. Make memories and take photos throughout the Christmas lights trial, using our amazing Winter Illuminations as your background. 

Young couple exploring winter illuminations in Stockeld Parks' Enchanted Forest.

For those colder days, sip away at luxurious hot chocolates, available at Gretel’s Cabin, tucked away in the magical depths of the Enchanted Forest. Our Christmas light show is included in two packages, as well as our forest, maze and illuminations ticket and illuminations and ice-skating ticket.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun and memorable activity that brings partners together. Whether a novice or an expert, ice skating at Stockeld Park is a fun opportunity to get your skates on! Couples can glide hand-in-hand across smooth, glistening ice, sharing laughter for near-misses and creating cherished memories. 

Our large, covered ice rink allows partners to skate regardless of the weather. So, if your romantic date lands on a rainy, frosty day, you’re in luck. As you skate, you’ll have a spectacular view of the beautiful parkland, which will tempt you to explore more of the magic surrounding you. 

The ice rink closes at 8:30p.m during the Christmas Adventure, so you will have plenty of time to make a night out of it. 

The Snowflake Maze

Are you and your partner puzzle masters? Navigating the Snowflake Maze will be at the top of your list! Our Snowflake Maze is the largest evergreen maze in Yorkshire, made with over 2000 8-foot-high yew trees. 

Maze shaped into a snowflake, called the Snowflake Maze at Stockeld Park.

Travel down two miles of winding paths and puzzling turns and discover playful surprises, musical instruments and hidden obstacles. The anticipation of reaching the maze’s centre adds an element of excitement, making it a delightful winter date for couples seeking a unique adventure. 

The Winter Illuminations, ice skating rink and Snowflake Maze will be open between Saturday, the 18th of November to Monday, the 8th of January, 2024. 

Make Unforgettable Memories at Stockeld Park

For your next date night, choose Stockeld Park as your venue of choice and experience a Christmas like no other for you and your loved one. Tickets sell fast, so book your tickets today to avoid disappointment!

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